Welcome to the Pond.

Congratulations on your new pad, and welcome to the neighborhood. We are so excited for the opportunity to serve you and connect your home with the fastest internet on the planet!  

At frog, our customers are the most important part of our business, and we are dedicated to delivering you “World class service with a hometown feel.”  Our team is always in the neighborhood and ready to help you with anything you need.  

This Quick Start Guide will help answer any questions you might have to get you up and running.  

As you are getting settled into your new home, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your internet service or home technology. You can reach us by calling (817) 717-9563 or by emailing support@frognow.com 

-Michael Voll – CEO


What does frog offer?

Frog offers a "base" Internet connection that's up to 2,000 megabits per second. Our "slowest" is twice as fast as Google and AT&T's fastest! Lucky for you, that service is already included in your HOA fee, and is activated before you move in. That means you can stream music and order pizza online while you unpack your boxes. frog also offers internet connection upgrades up to 10,000 megabits per second! That is the fastest residential internet on the planet! With that kind of bandwidth, you have more than enough internet for everyone in your home and all of their devices. The whole family will have insanely fast connections on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and more—all at the same time.

Most internet connections are slower than your devices, but we’ve turned that upside down. Our Internet is so fast that very few devices today will be able to fully take advantage of even our slowest speed, but we know that the devices of tomorrow will.

In the meantime, we want you to be able to stream as many movies, TV shows, songs, and games as you want, on as many devices as you want, all at the same time.

Welcome to the Internet of Tomorrow.


What kind of speeds can you

expect to see on your devices?

That all depends on the device, how it is connected, and its environment. Wireless devices are limited by the type of Wi-Fi they support and how far they are from the wireless signal. Hardwired devices are limited by the type of network port they use. Below is a summary of the download speeds you can expect on a variety of common devices under ideal conditions.

Device Speeds (Mbps)


iPhone 5s


iPhone 6


Laptop WiFi


Desktop (Wired)


New 10Gbps Mac Mini (Wired)

Understanding your

home wiring.

You've probably noticed two big white panels on a wall in your home. We call these Structured Wiring Panels. They are often located in your master closet, laundry room, or an upstairs bedroom closet.
One of the panels contains ports connected to all of your home’s network wiring. The other panel contains a super-fast Fiber Modem called an Optical Network Terminal (“ONT” for short) and frog router (if purchased).

Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

The ONT does a lot of amazing things to bring frog’s incredibly-fast internet into your home. To keep it running at peak performance, we’ll take care of maintaining it for you, so you’ll likely never have to interact with this incredible device.

Frog Router

If you’ve purchased our super fast router, it’s already configured and ready to provide your home with awesomely-fast Wi-Fi. Two ports with black cables on the back of our router act as instant 2.5Gbps connections to the internet. The port with a white cable is configured to support up to 10Gbps if you've selected upgraded internet service (Remember you will need a compatible port on your device to get those speeds).

Connect your

Own Router

If you’re using your own router, find the black port on the ONT labelled "10G.” You will need to connect the cable coming out of this port to your router's "WAN" or "Internet" port. Use your router’s "LAN" ports to connect to other outlets in your home. If all that makes your head spin, we offer installation and setup services -just give us a call to schedule.

Hardwire: How to get the

Fastest Internet Possible

Directly plugging a device into your network is the best way to take advantage of frog’s super-speedy internet. Luckily, we’ve made sure that every home in our pond has built-in wiring to make it easier than ever to get “hardwired” into your network. Each port in the Structured Wiring Panel is labeled to indicate which room in the house it’s connected to (The Label should be on the inside door of your panel). Simply plug one end of a network cable into an available lan port on your router. If you have the frog routing feature enabled, we already plugged those in for your and they are in your panel. Plug the other end into the port corresponding for the room you want to get wired internet to.
Keep in mind that if you get whole home Wi-Fi installed, it will utilize two of the 3 ports available, meaning you will still be able to hardwire one additional device in your home. If you need more than three connections, let us know! We can help design the perfect internet setup to get everything you want online.

TV — Cutting the Cord 

For those fed up with their cable or satellite TV company, there has never been a better time to “cut the cord.” 

Streaming video services are giving traditional paid TV contracts stiff competition  by delivering live sports and prime-time programming  online, often for a much better price. Even premium  channels like HBO and Showtime  are available as separate  streaming services or add-on bundles. 

Nobody likes surprises when looking at the bill, which is one of the many reasons we at frog love streaming TV -there are  no  hidden charges! In fact, if you ever decide to cancel, it’s easy and painless—a refreshing  change from the hassle of dealing with cable and satellite call centers. 

Services such as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV are emerging as major competition to traditional paid television packages. Offering both live and  on-demand programming along with—in most cases—cloud-based DVR, these kinds of services are more-than-capable alternatives to cable and satellite. 

To compare channel lineups and find the perfect TV service for you, check out their respective websites or apps. 

Satellite TV:

Just in case you like to watch TV like it’s 1999, your home wiring is also setup to support distribution of satellite TV. Contact your preferred satellite provider to learn more about the options they offer. Please be sure to check out your HOA rules about placement of Satellite Dishes (we don’t want you getting in trouble)! 


Better Way to Phone Home

For those who still desire to have a home phone, Ooma is a device that provides phone service at a fraction of the price by using the internet.  

There is a one-time purchase for the device, and you only pay taxes monthly. Ooma supports 911 calling and you can keep your old number!

After ordering the device, give frog a call if you want help with installation. 

Using your Lyric

Home Controller

Our next-generation security and home controller puts your home at your fingertips—all from one vibrant 7" touchscreen. Whether you’re controlling security, thermostats, lights, or locks with your voice or a tap on the touchscreen, the Lyric Controller is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use.
If you need help operating your system just hit the home button and tap the right arrow to access the tutorial videos. We've also included cheat sheets for some of the basic functions below.
We can help your home stay protected with 24/7 security monitoring. Contact us today at (817) 717-9563 to find out more!

Arm your system

Disarm your system

Assign user codes

Bypass zones

We are here for you!

We at frog believe that your home internet should never slow you down. That’s why we’re building technology for the future, and we’re so very excited that you’re here with us to experience such a monumental endeavor.

We’re passionate about connecting you to the things you love, so if you need help with anything not found in this guide, give us a call! 


-Your frog Team