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Fastest Internet on the Planet

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"


Building Smart Cities

Enabling communities of the future.

We Are Frog

A unique company delivering technological
magic with approachable friendliness. We work with you in a friendly manner, making you feel comfortable exploring new technology.

Delivering the Fastest Internet on the Planet

We are a different kind of provider. For starters our internet speeds are 1000x faster than average speeds today.

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Enabling communities of the future.

Frog has a team focused on serving the real estate development community and delivering infrastructure to support communities of the future.

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Deploying Wireless Infrastructure

In our business, it is all about the signal. Our clients depend on us to provide the wireless infrastructure that allows them to transmit the signal to their customers.

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the FIRST CISCO s+cc ICONIC community in the US

the FASTEST internet on EARTH

“this level of bandwidth and connectivity will change basic human interactions. It will change the idea of being together, of what community can be.”

-Lee Rainie,  Pew Research 

January 9, 2018

Walsh Believes In Internet For All

We believe in innovation and fostering the creative spirit at Walsh. We’ll always strive to provide opportunities to learn and grow, to give our residents the platforms they need to…
January 9, 2018


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January 9, 2018

Cutting the cord? Let us help you find the best streaming TV service

Digital Trends -By Brendan Hesse — December 8, 2017  For those fed up with their cable or satellite TV company, there has never been a better time to cut the…

We’re excited by what the power of 10 gigabit fiber internet at Walsh will mean for current and future Fort Worth area residents.

Mayor Betsy PriceFort Worth, TX

Improving our residents' and guests’ quality of life is very important to us... We are very excited to partner with Frog...

Mayor Steve LearyWinter Park, FL

There will be very real, immediate benefits in education, community safety, for residents and to future businesses and medical centers,

Tony Ruggerico-CEO of Republic Property Group

Forward-thinking investments in technology like those seen at Walsh will be a great economic catalyst for creating new jobs and attracting corporate relations to Fort Worth,

Mayor Betsy PriceFort Worth, TX

We’re eager to see what people can do or imagine when unrestrained by limits on connectivity speeds or bandwidth. By embracing technology at Walsh, we will create a neighborhood poised to grow well into the future,

Tony Ruggerico-CEO of Republic Property Group